The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

August 2007

31st August 2007

Those who performed (listed in performance order):

Mark Braby - Sings.

SKOPJE - Brooding acoustic mastery with an ambient edge.

Morgen und Nite - Using a spartan acoustic format (harmonium, resonator guitar with e-bow, and voice), the duo of Frances May Morgan and Leee Nite produce an enveloping warm bath of drone therapy which is delightfully original and mesmeric.

Gareth Mitchell - Using primarily voice and guitar, experimental artist Gareth Mitchell's live work is based around reinventing songs, improvising and sometimes augmenting sound with loops and effects.

Katy Carr - Katy has a truly unique sound, informed by an acoustic folk tradition whilst embracing elements of electronica.

Towering Breaker - South London Action noise artists use tape manipulation, samples, reeds and machines.