The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

November 2007

30th November 2007

Those who performed (listed in performance order):

Brian Andrew Inglis - Intense scaled-down audiovisual soundtracks from this composer/keyboard player, tonight accompanied by Rachel Hamilton (Ninki V) on flute and Colin Green (The Glaggaglaggas) on viola.

Spoono - Jack Allet fuses the intricate guitar magic of John Fahey with the beauty of Debussy. Be captivated by the mesmeric sounds.

The Zoltan Kodaly School For Girls - The World's first (and only) all girl post-modern recorder quartet, tonight scaled down to a trio. It's amazing what they can do with a couple of recorders and a triangle.

Ronald Fraser Munro and Peter Marsh - Absurdist playwright Fraser Munro and his sidekick Mr Marsh will perform a scaledowned sketch of an unknown nature. Suffice to say, it will be amusing, odd, and totally original.

SK5 - "The SK-5 invented Shambomelanchtronica. The keys to this great leap forward were the seemingly conflicting maxims of discipline and extemporisation." Or, in other words, enjopy this fine casio quartet who site their influences as Moondog, Aphex Twin, and the BBC Radiophonic Orchestra.

Nathan Octavia - The brilliant Mr Octavia makes a welcome return to Scaledown where you will enjoy his spooky take on the traditional folk songs.