The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

February 2008

22nd February 2008

Those who performed (in no particular order):

Bleddyn Jones - Solo 5 string bass musings.

Little Johnny Anger - Solo baritone electric guitar, loops, voice and effects. For Scaledown johnny will be playing a special electric set, something different to his usual solo acoustic ambisonics. Like listening to music through an aural kaleidoscope looking out the window of a greyhound bus at passing endless prairie.

Manuela Barczewski - Manuela performed at an earlier Scaledown event under the name blue elephant combining her songs of everyday life observations with guitar and effects. Manuela will, this evening, scale down to the bare bones of just vocal and guitar.

Ian Evans - Last time Ian performed at Scaledown he was one half of Elevenses (and has since become one third of Elevenses). This time round he will be performing as 100% of Ian Evans with a solo performance of his delightfully quirky tunes.

Katharine Blake - The ethereal and gothic folk of Miss Blake makes a debut at Scaledown. Katharine is also a member of alternative classic outfit Mediaeval Baebes and experimental gothic band Miranda Sex Garden.

The Bottle Brunettes - The Bottle Brunettes are a super(smashing,great)group formed by Poncho from Hicks Milligan-Prophecy with some of his favourite musicians. A "Soundclash Of The Titans" it seems....