The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

September 2004

24th September 2004

The fourth Scaledown night featured live performances from (in alphabetical order):

Viv Corringham and Peter Cusack - Ethno-CyberPunk diva Viv Corringham's collaboration with the avant guitarist/electronicist Peter Cusack is a constantly surprising mix of Turkish traditional music, radical sampling, evocative sound environments and features one of the most distinctive and beautiful voices to come out of the London experimental scene. The songs have been recorded on their critically acclaimed CD "Operet" (No Man's Land).

Charles Hayward - Scaledown proudly presents a solo performance by the extraordinary multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Charles Hayward (This Heat/ Camberwell Now/ Bill Laswell/ Albert Newton)- a creative powerhouse whose music is simultaneously unpredictable, explorative, political and psycho-geographically specific.

Barry Kavanagh - Novelist Barry Kavanagh does a reading as our special guest.

Thomas Kumlehn & Hella Von Ploetz - A unique duo of flute (Kumlehn) and glass harp (Von Ploetz) performing a scaled down excerpt from their latest work "Thine"- music of great subtlety and beauty. This is the London leg of this German duo's European tour. Don't miss this!

The Original Beekeepers - Longtime favourites of the curators, The Beekeepers' brand of tragicomic Englishness mixes a cool observational wit with an ear for charming and touching melody.