The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

March 2008

Friday 28th March

Featured live performances from (in no particular order):

Cam Deas - Sheffield based experimental folk minimalist Cam Deas will bring his varied electronic sounds and John Fahey-esque acoustic intricacies to a welcoming audience at Scaledown.

David Gunn - A welcome return for the demon fingered David Gunn, who impressed us all enormously with his finger-picking prowess at last May's Scaledown.

Country Dad - John Bisset (of Pocket) likes to be called Hamish Booth in his other project Country Dad which features John Say on washboard and Chris Cundy on bass clarinet. Their skiffle-esque songs were aired recently at The Orchestra Pit Club.

Waterfield & Whaley - 1930's Union Songs c/o performance poet Scott Wing's alter ego, with specially adapted "Scaledown-ish" instrumental backing from one of your co-curators.

Mr Braby - Our very own Mr Braby bravely stepped up, with no notice whatsoever, to fill a vacant slot. We were so surprised at this turn of events that we forgot to photograph him.