The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

April 2008

Friday 25th April

Featured live performances from (in no particular order):

Isnaj Dui - Making a welcome return to Scaledown, Isnaj Dui marries her definitive approaches to acoustic instruments and electronically manipulated effects. Concert and bass flutes are used alongside effects and looping devices.

Error - Error is a pioneer of Latvian harsh noise/power electronics/experimental noise and dark ambience. Started in 1996 as one big joke, unwillingly and uncontrolled even by its author himself, developed into one of the most beautifully extreme eastern european noise acts. Only this time he will scaledown... a little

Yusuf B'layachi - Having played previously at Scaledown in Dear Thief, Yusuf returns in a solo configuration to perform some of his new works - urgent and lyrical guitar songs.

Ronald Fraser Munro - London-based writer, producer, digital performance and graphics-video artist Mr Fraser Munro will perform his most inimitable art which encompasses text, theatre, audio, photography, movement, video and digital art.

John Zonn - The return of the excellent Mr Zonn, who has been described as "...half stand-up, half poetry, half music..."