The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

May 2008

Friday 30th May

Featured live performances from (in performance order):

gish - Gish makes music on his own, under his own steam. His work features the kind of hi-tensile guitar abuse and feedback manipulation he displays in Sunshine Republic, along with more particular mixing desk and electronic contextualising. Neither noise, nor rock, his music draws on a background in 20th century composition and a love of both those simple pleasures.

Nitwood - Experimental and alternative outfit comprising ex Higsons/Serious Drinking drummer Simon Charterton. Enjoy their inimitable sound.

The Animal Objective - Tim Naish, of the bands Gentlemen of Largesse and dogs&stuff, performs solo versions of some of his many weird and wonderful songs under the moniker of The Animal Objective. Be prepared for the unprepared.

Country Dad - John Bisset (of Pocket) likes to be called Hamish Booth in his other project Country Dad which features John Say on washboard and Chris Cundy on bass clarinet. Expect skiffleesqueness.

Crayola Lectern - Crayola Lectern is an ongoing musical project which charts the life of it’s creator. Crayola plays the pianoisms of melanchodelia whilst being accompanied by Joss Cope on casiotone keyboard and the flugelhorn/trumpet of Alistair Strachan.

In the absense of our usual hosts, Messrs Braby & Whaley, Mr John Bisset and Mr Shaun Hendry stepped up to host the event. Mr Braby and Mr Whaley left the following videographic message to be played at the beginning of the evening:

S C A L E down 42

fantastic night. all the acts we're great in their own very distinctive ways, but Oral Noticeboard shone just that little bit brighter above everyone else - am so glad to see you have them back again this month. Johnny x.


It sounded like a mighty fine evening. let's book the Oral's. I hear John Bisset is a leading influence.

Mr Braby

Another great Scaledown

Another excellent and eclectic night of music down the old King & Queen. Thanks to all the acts and to everyone who came along to watch.

Crayola's POV

There's a nice article detailing Crayola Lectern's point of view here: