The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

March 2009

Mark Braby, Andy Coules and Shaun Hendry present the latest in an ongoing series of genuinely alternative after-office live entertainments. Admission is free to members (show your membership card) otherwise sign in for membership. Donations, to the performers, will be sought.

Friday 27th March

Those who perfomed at the 49th Scaledown (in no particular order):

Chris Weaver - A rare solo outing for Oscillatorial Binnage member, Chris Weaver, presenting various recent electronic constructions.

Mark Grebby - Having previously performed at Scaledown as part of The Glistening Cogs of Greenland Mark returns in solo guise to perform improvised lap steel guitar.

Stuart Turner - taking us down to the crossroads of the Medway Delta, where Chatham meets Rochester, whilst the Devil gets his haircut in the bogs up the road by the railway station.

Sunshine Republic - a truncated version comprising former Scaledownee Gish, Andrew Perry and Alan Read, who promise clicky close-mic electronic clunks and guitar thunks for people of all dispositions.

Alan Lacroix - the return of the South London troubadour, Mr Lacroix's acoustic guitar sounds like a waterfall of beautiful strings and sings with an impressive warble.

Joey Herzfeld and Alex Ward - Hooverville are a fine musical outfit who site Randy Newman, Shostakovich, and The 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' theme tune amongst their influences. Here, Messrs Herzfeld and Ward from said band strip down (musically, ladies), to offer a true Scaledown recital.

Jeff Cloke, Rodrigo Montoya & Max Reed - A fine free improv combo featuring Cloke on Reson8, Reed on dance, and Montoya on shamisen. Expect a mesmerising blend of fine sound within the walls of Scaledown.