The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

July 2009


Mark Braby, Andy Coules, Shaun Hendry, Dan Whaley and Richard Sanderson present the Extra Special Fifth Anniversary Extravaganza Scaledown Event. Yes, all five previous curators of Scaledown are getting together for one awesome night to celebrate Five Whole Years of Scaledown.

Each curator has been asked to select one act from a particular year to create a unique bill that represents the varied cross section of acts that have appeared at Scaledown in the past five years as well as one new act to represent what the future holds.

Friday 31st July

Performing at the Extra Special Fifth Anniversary Extravaganza Scaledown Event (in chronological order):

2004 - John Butcher - A saxophonist who has completely re-invented the language of the instrument and taken it further out than anybody before. As an improvisor Butcher is a mercurial, analytical and always fascinating musician.

2005 - Mike Adcock - Multi instrumentalist and innovative experimentalist, Mr Adcock explores extensively the areas of free improvisation with humour and depth using his accordion and ethnic instruments he has collected from his travels.

2006 - The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra - Whilst an orchestra might not seem the most appropriate choice for Scaledown the MFMO exhibit a bijou charm that somehow seems to fit the setting. Led by accordionist Martin White they present a mix of original comic songs and settings of Victorian poetry backed by a multitasking chamber group.

2007 - Don Tempi - Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1981. In July. And only watching adverts.

2008 - Alex Monk - Using laptop, guitar, electronics, and field recordings, Alex Monk concocts intense atmospheric layers of improvisation. Welcome back Mr Monk.

2009 - Susie Hug - Former Katydids vocalist Susie previews tracks from her forthcoming album recorded out in Arizona with Calexico.

As well as the usual photographical documenting of the evening's events (see below) we also had artist Simian present who drew the following pictures on his mobile phone.