The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

October 2009


Mark Braby, Andy Coules and Shaun Hendry present the latest in an ongoing series of genuinely alternative after-office live entertainments. Admission is free to members (show your membership card) otherwise sign in for membership. Donations, to the performers, will be sought. Special Guest curator, this month, is Terry Edwards who will select 3 acts (listed below) from the canon of his label Sartorial Records.

Friday 30th October

Those who will be performing at the fifty fifth Scaledown (in no particular order):

Terry Edwards & Simon Charterton - Terry Edwards plays sax & pocket trumpet in his own inimitable way over the New Orleans-inspired grooves of Zook/Higsons funky drummer Simon Charterton.

Bob Constant & The Goodbye Horses - A bruised and batty form of soul music lurks beneath the 'motor town condensed into a garage' sound of this charmingly askew 3 piece.

Watson, Marsh and May - Acoustic improvisational trio.

Micko Westmoreland - A subtle cocktail of unpleasant emotions, betrayal, jealousy, abandonment and unrequited love. Phrase songs with machines.

Damp Matchbox - Scaledown's Mark Braby will be joined by Timothy C Holehouse, Alex Monk and Subway Sect's Kevin Younger. Together, they will perform a free improvisation based around the folk song 'Hard Times Of Old England'.

Iris Garrelfs - A welcome return for ambient electronica artist Ms Garrelfs who will be performing 'live and in mono'. Expect an atmospheric performance!