The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

November 2004

26th November 2004

The sixth Scaledown night featured live performances from (in alphabetical order):

Terry Edwards - A solo performance from England's leading "Horn For Hire" - witty, inventive and very stylish.

Nat Catchpole/Jamie Coleman/Seymour Wright - Concentrated microscopic free improvisation from of the leading lights in the youngest generation (fourth, fifth?) of UK improvisers.

Gran Capitan - A duo performing a curious mix of "pholk"y tunes and elecronica- enchanting!

Pigeon English Band - Top notch English traditional tunes played with a twist by leading London musicians on concertina, melodeon and fiddle.

Smack Miranda - A solo laptop performance of "dyspeptic illbience" from Robin Warren of "Liberation Jumpsuit".

Thomas Truax - The incomparable Thomas Truax pays a visit accompanied by Sister Spinster and The Hornicator.