The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

June 2011


Mark Braby, Shaun Hendry and Emile Pesik present the latest in an ongoing series of genuinely alternative after-office live entertainments. Admission is free to members (show your membership card) otherwise sign in for membership. Donations, to the performers, will be sought.

Friday 24th June

Those who performed (in no particular order):

Richard Sanderson - Former co-host of Scaledown and regular character on the free improv scene, Richard will be performing some exceedingly atmospheric drone improvisations on melodeon.

Justin Paton - Mr Paton cannot keep away from us - only last month he was airing material at scaledown with the wonderful mesmerising NOW. This month he goes all electronica on us. Enjoy.

Jude Cowan - The inimitable Ms Cowan makes a welcome return with her dark and humerous songs of an experimental nature. Be sure to be greatly impressed.

Mr Ron Jetson - following a spate of restraining orders and unfortunate onstage pyrotechnic incidents, Ron will be stripped to the very core of his solo being for this show... Not for the faint hearted.

Afterwardsness - Tin Pan Alley stalwarts Chino Montserrat and Ruud D Gardichi play a selection of songs from their forthcoming hit show "Escape From Ravers Paradise".

Neil Ward - Fast paced acoustic rock with highly entertaining and occasionally touching lyrics.

The Ray Edwards Group - Cabaret rock 'n roll with a touch of James Bond, wrapped in a delicous acoustic package, carried by soaring vocals, delivered to you personally by brothers Ray and Eric Edwards.