The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

March 2014


Mark Braby, Shaun Hendry and Jude Cowan Montague present the latest in an ongoing series of genuinely alternative after-office live entertainments. Admission is free to members (show your membership card) otherwise sign in for membership. Donations, to the performers, will be sought.

Friday 21st March

Those who did appear in front of you (in no particular order):

The Sound Of Antler - introduced to our ears by way of Dexter Bentley's splendid HelloGoodbye show on Resonance FM, K&Q newbie Joceline Colvert will be accompanied by a Scaledown old hand in Alistair Strachan, between them creating an inventively beautiful musical canvas for occasional quirkily characterful lyrical splashes of colour.

Tangled Limbs - From the ashes of Bob Constant and the Goodbye Horses rises a tangled phoenix-Mr Simon Garner squawks and whoops and creates musical loops using guitar, drums, and other bits and bobs making him a one man band with a difference. Enjoy, scaledown folk, enjoy!

Kath Tait - Kath receives fan mail like this: "I love your work and you may be interested to know that your Bastard song helps me teach about dominant discourses and social constructionism! I'm a family therapist so I like to play Nancy's torch song from Oliver 'As Long As He Needs Me' to pick up the idea of blind loyalty and subservient 'love' then I hit them with 'Bastard' and they get how social truths have subtle and often invisible effects." Be reconstructed the Kath Tait way with music and hats. Bring Your Own Lentils.

The Dave Fowler Duo - normally the DF2 are a trio... but they've scaled down. see, it's not that bleedin' difficult a concept is it.. just tell one of your band members they can't come, or if they do want to they should just sit in the audience and be quiet. anyway, the Dave Fowler Duo consists of Loz Speyer on on trumpet + someone else on drums. it's their Scaledown debut - be nice!

The Happy Couple - a visitation by The Happy Couple is always a cause for celebration here at Scaledown HQ.... coming from the Gateway to the Forest (that is Epping), they create “sounds that happen when we put our sounds together. We just create a World we want to be in.” ...... and who are they exactly? why they are Judith Goodman on banjo and David Ross on jew's harp..... welcome to their World.

Sister Mercedes - Darren Van Asten is Sister Mercedes. He's toured with the Libertines, Primal Scream, Little Barrie and the Young Knives with Junkbox. He's back for the spring as a solo gigger with his lively guitar songs and a lo-fi stomping foot. He might also give advice on pruning your dahlias.