The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

May 2014


Mark Braby, Shaun Hendry and Jude Cowan Montague present the latest in an ongoing series of genuinely alternative after-office live entertainments. Admission is free to members (show your membership card) otherwise sign in for membership. Donations, to the performers, will be sought.

Friday 23rd May

Those who will appeared in front of you (in no particular order):

Iris Ederer - Ms Ederer performed at scaledown last December and charmed all with her inimitable and quite wonderful vocalisation. Spring is here!

Flange Zoo - A troop of musical mythical animals who first manifest on 1st April 2012 and perform with original soundscapes and lyrics influenced variously by H. P. Lovecraft’s stories, Ovid’s Metamorphosis and Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Flange Zoo return again to Scaledown but all we know this time is that they will be performing in near darkness.

Joey Herzfeld & His So Called Friends - Mr Herzfeld returns with a new outfit comprising Michael Freer on banjo and Santiago Horro on double bass. Joey will be on the accordion and, together, they will thrash out their brand of darkly comic songs including some new material! hoorah!

Kirsten Irving - Kirsten Irving is many things but tonight she is your Scaledown poet, and will paint you word pictures of gawky, unruly outcasts. If she broods on monstrosity and mistakes, just put it down to her desperately uncompromising talent.

Angharad Davies - Angharad Davies brings sonic possibilities to Scaledown, prepare to be moved by her prepared violin. She really is the most magical and mysterious and transcending performer (says Jude who is thrilled Angharad can make it on our May bill).

Mark Beazley & Johny Brown - Rothko main-man Mr Beazley returns once more, and this time he's brought back up... currently out n' about touring as a member of the Band Of Holy Joy, we are delighted to announce that frontman of said outfit - Johny Brown will also be in attendance for a spot of good old-fashioned story telling.

Robbie Judkins - having previously performed at Scaledown as Left Hands Cuts Off The Right, Robbie returns this time in his own right.... so please give him a hand, or lend him one at the very least.