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scaledown £132

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #132
(Friday 29th September 2017)

Back for the early autumn, scaledown comes atcha like a momma poppa with their kindling ready to spark the artistic mighty fires in no particular order:

SMALLHAUS - Degraded lo-fi psychedelia, field recordings, ambient guitar drones, space rock and electronics. "tidal waves of shoegaze guitar drain[ing] to leave the hum and drip of degraded tapes, while field recordings from across the UK become backdrops to flickers of melody or acoustic drones, which hang in the foreground like an inner calm or ripe, burdening upset." (ATTN Magazine).

scaledown #131

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #131
(Friday 28th July 2017)

Before we at scaledown, like our lovely members of parliament, go into recession for August, we will present to you our manifesto for July which feature some salient points in no particular order:

scaledown #130

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #130
(Friday 30th June 2017)

June sees in the 130th scaledown and, therefore, marks our 13th birthday; on a friday! Under a ladder! With a black cat crossing our path! Lucky artists, though, are in no particular order:

ALEX MONK - Drawing on influences from the 60s and 70s acid folk movement combined with a curiosity to experiment with ambient music, found sound, drone and electronics, Alex has been a regular Scaledown fixture over the years. Monk’s work has been compared to everything from Brian Eno and John Balance to Robert Wyatt and Islaja, and for this show, he will be playing new material from his upcoming album 'Come to your senses old devil'.

scaledown #129

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #129
(Friday 26th May 2017)

The May flowers are in bloom and are ready for show at scaledown in no particular order:

RANTIPOLES - Last month we gave you Rants... this month we bring you the full-blown Rantipoles experience... weird, wild and wonderful in their musical abandon but proper catchy too.... skiffle, comedy, off-beat entertainment with cello, clarinet acoustic guitar and percussion.

Naim Amor/Keith John Adams live at The King And Queen

Bonjour to our lovely Scaledown mailing list.... whilst the next edition of Scaledown is not with us just yet, we would like to inform you of an event taking place at the King & Queen this coming Friday in which we may just have had a little hand.... details for which are below:

Ahead of his performance the following night at Cafe Oto with Howe Gelb, Naïm Amorplays his first London show in 9 years and we're delighted that he's joined by a rejuvenated Keith John Adams.

scaledown #128

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #128
(Friday 28th April 2017)

April showers should help the darling buds of scaledown sprout and flourish. The buds are seeded in the room above the King and Queen and will blossom in no particular order:

MINDLOBSTER - 'Synthesizer shit you can dance too'. Thus spake Mr. Mindlobster who will be promoting the very fine 'Sine After Sine' EP.

CHARLOTTE AND JUDE HAVE KITTENS - Chase the wool, get your claws out and scratch the settee - trumpet and electronica from Charlotte Keeffe and Jude CM. Creating the world's first ever kittophone.

scaledown #127

The Orchestra Pit


Scaledown #127

(Friday 31st March 2017)

The March winds blow everywhere-they make the chimney pots whistle and the trees rustle. They blow around London's effervescent Fitzrovia and up the staircase of The King and Queen, home of scaledown. The March winds enter and blow around our fantastic springtime gust of guests who are in no particular order:

MARK GILFILLAN - With his vocabulary gift, he'll give you a lift ....transcend you to a state of zen. he's been here before and we liked what we saw we've invited him back again. Ladies and gentlemen ....Mark Gilfillan.

scaledown #126

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #126
(Friday 17th February 2017)

A finger of fudge. Is it just enough to give you a treat? We think not. We think that many fudgy fingers make a delicious confection and we have the ingredients to make the night a fudeging fantastic occasion in no particular order:

KATHY HULME - Kathy Hulme, half of screwball folk duo The C Siders reads her less 'singable' work. Melancholic, acerbic and a little disturbing. Kathy has been in a few bands over the years mainly the Honkies, Smartbombs and occasionally the Orchestre Murphy but that was ages ago.

scaledown #125

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #125
(Friday 27th January 2017)

A very happy scaledown year to you all. Now that Epiphany has popped off and decorations are deceased for now, we welcome you back into the fold where our artistic livestock crow, squeak, howl, whine, and grunt beautifully for theirs and your aural pleasure in no particular order:

TROMBONE POETRY - A rasp and a stanza as Mr. Trombone himself returns to the boards of scaledown to unleash the words and blow the 'bone ;)

scaledown #124

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #124
(Friday 16th of December 2016)

Merry makers. It is of paramount importance that you make merry in specific areas this yule period. Austerity UK has deemed this appropriate. The Orchestra Pit organisation has made the recommendation that you direct your merry feet to the King and Queen pub in glorious Fitzrovia to indulge your merry ration at scaledown. there will be a glittering cast who will amaze in no particular order:

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