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Marianne Dissard Dates

The Orchestra Pit would just like to take a moment to seek your assistance in an important matter.

Our first release in the new year will be an album by Marianne Dissard which was recorded in her adopted hometown of Tucson, Arizona with Calexico and our old friend Naim Amor. At that time we are planning to put on a London based album release show accompanied by a selection of UK dates but are having difficulty securing suitable venues. So if you run a club/venue or know anyone who does and are interested in helping us out please get in touch, the time period we are looking at is February 20th – 24th.

You can check out some of Marianne's tunes on her myspace page:

To get in touch with any ideas, thoughts or suggestions please contact Shaun on

The Orchestra Pit thanks you for your continuing support.

Another Year Over

Greetings Scaledown and Orchestra Pit subscribees.

Another year comes to an end and rather than hibernate through the winter months The Orchestra Pit continues to strive to bring you interesting and unusual music. To that end we have decided, in the spirit of seasonal giving, to release the new full length album, “No” by Lost Robots, early.

Lost Robots are a London based avant-rock band who fuse exciting, compact rock structures with free improvisation and abstract sound. "No" is a restless explosion of concepts and ideas with roots in post-punk, free improvisation and 70's German experimentalism - a layered album of hidden depths that rewards repeated playing - its obliquities balanced by solid song writing and adventurous musicianship.

Full details and an audio sample can be found here:

The album, packaged in a tastefully handsome digipak, is available to buy now from our shop:

We would just like to take this moment to wish you all a pleasant end of year family or religion based celebration and look forward to seeing what we can all do in 2009.

Scaledown Time

Yes, it’s that time of the month again – Scaledown.

On Friday 28th November a disparate bands of musical entertainers will gather once more to delight and amuse, here they are listed:

The Richwoods - Naked pyrotechnic exploding ukulele originals from this trio, who will in fact be scaling up to a quintet for this appearance.

Timothy C Holehouse - The latest subtly shifting eponymous incarnation of Mr Holehouse. When asked to describe his act in three word he came up with the following: noise, drone, weird. Excellent.

Glistening Cogs Of Greenland - A welcome return to Scaledown for this experimental combo which offers smatterings of moog, dictaphone, and oddness.

Jail - Another act from the 'welcome return' department; Jail serve up punk pop a la Pavement and Half Man Half Biscuit. Fronted, as always, by the boisterous Mr Jon Leone.

The Devil - Let's face it. All the acts are making welcome returns tonight and this act is no exception. The Devil are James Sedwards (Nought) on bass, The Rebel (Country Teasers) on guitar and vocals, and Sophie P from Wet Dog on the drums.

The Orchestra Pit presents…

As part of this years London Jazz Festival The Orchestra Pit presents an evening of distinctly unique and interesting music at the Arts Theatre Club in Soho, featuring:

Led Bib - Abrasive, sax led new jazz fronted by ace drummer Mark Holub.

Outhouse - Part of the Loop Collective, Outhouse spin jazz with experimental sounds.

Trombone Poetry - A veteran performer on Afro-Cuban and jazz circuits, trombonist Paul Taylor brings his stand-up poetry to jazz, literary and acoustic events: free jazz meets free verse.

This will all occur on Thursday 20th November at The Arts Theatre Club, 50 Frith Street, London, W1D 4SQ from 7pm. Tickets are £6 on the door and £4 in advance (from our web shop:

The Orchestra Pit applauds your continuing support.

Scaledown Returns...

After a grudgingly enforced summer hiatus Scaledown returns to Fitzrovia next Friday 31st October. It will occur in the usual venue (The King & Queen) at the usual time (from 7pm) with the usual high standard of alternative musical entertainment.

Appearing for your edification will be:

Liz Segal - After a period of abstinence from live performing Liz returns to the fray with vim and vigour. Cutting an original path across acoustic territory and writing in an eclectic style she produces poetic songs of rare depth and imagination. We're certainly glad she's back.

Adrian Northover - Adrian has a rare talent for coaxing unusual sounds out of his saxophone, often enlisting props such as foil cake tins. A truly original improviser who will amaze and delight in equal measure.

Ramblin' Sid Squelch - Tragic folk tales from virtuoso spoons player Ramblin' Sid. Perhaps we can persuade him to scale down to a pair of teaspoons for tonight...

Hong Kong In The 60's - take their cue from old Oriental pop, classic AM radio, and baroque melancholia. Scaledown welcomes HKIT60's return.

Orchestra Pit? Yes! Scaledown? No!

The next Orchestra Pit Live Musical Concert will occur next Friday, 26th September, at the Arts Theatre Club in Soho’s Frith Street. This is to be a special event to celebrate the fourth release by the Orchestra Pit Recording Company - a 7” vinyl single by Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats featuring their unique takes on two nursery rhymes, “Three Blind Mice” and “Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark”.

Scaledown your Summer

Greetings Orchestra Pit and Scaledown mailing list subscribees.

We would just like to take a brief moment of your time to inform you of the latest in the long line of Scaledown Live Performance Events. It is due to occur tomorrow (Friday 25th) in the upstairs room of the King & Queen pub in London's loquacious West End. Performing for your aural edification will be:

Oli Mayne, Thanos Chrysakis, and Jerry Wigens - Electro Acoustic free improvisation trio featuring laptop, Roland sh101 analogue synth, effects and clarinet.

The Orchestra Pit presents

Greeting's Orchestra Pit and Scaledown subscribees, we write to you at this time to inform you of a further exciting Live Musical Concert...

This Saturday (12th July) The Orchestra Pit presents The Recedents ably supported by Mike Adcock/Sylvia Hallett and The Glistening Cogs Of Greenland.


Greeting Orchestra Pit and Scaledown mailing list subscribees.

Once more we bring you news of the latest Scaledown Live Performance Event which is to occur this Friday (27th June) at the King & Queen in London's beating heart (also known as Fitzrovia).

Performing for your edification will be the following:

Joe Williamson and The Distractions - Renowned improviser Mr Williamson returns with other free improv veterans (Paul May on Drums, Alex Ward on bass) to perform the norm-that is, bright left field pop

Life, The Universe and Scaledown

Yes, this coming Friday marks the dawning of the 42nd Scaledown Live Performance Event. As usual this takes place in the King & Queen in London's Fitzrovia, W1, and commences from 7.00pm with the following performers:

Nitwood - Experimental and alternative outfit comprising ex Higsons/Serious Drinking drummer Simon Charterton. Enjoy their inimitable sound.

The Animal Objective - Tim Naish, of the bands Gentlemen of Largesse and dogs&stuff, performs solo versions of some of his many weird and wonderful songs under the moniker of The Animal Objective. Be prepared for the unprepared.

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