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The Orchestra Pit Fifth Anniversary Live Musical Concert

Greetings Scaledown and Orchestra Pit Subscribers,

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the very first Orchestra Pit Live Musical Concert and, to celebrate this milestone, we have a special concert for you this coming Friday, 9th May.

Original 70s punk/lounge/cult band Vic Godard & the Subway sect will be headlining whilst support will be provided by the verbose glissandi of Trombone Poetry, the minimalist guitar improv of Gary Smith and the kitsch power punk pop of the Bottle Brunettes.

The Orchestra Scaledown Pit

Yes, the end of the month once more approaches and that can mean only one thing - that Scaledown is upon us again. Performing for your edification this month are the following (in no particular order): Isnaj Dui - Making a welcome return to Scaledown, Isnaj Dui marries her definitive approaches to acoustic instruments and electronically manipulated effects. Concert and bass flutes are used alongside effects and looping devices. Ninki V - Thereminist/puppeteer extraordinaire Ninki V returns to Scaledown to present a short set of Melodica performed over electronics.

The Orchestra Pit presents...

Greetings Orchestra Pit (and Scaledown) mailing list subscribers, we write to bring you exciting news of the latest release from The Orchestra Pit Recording Company as well as the corresponding Live Musical Concert. Our second release is a 4 track EP by Paris born, Tucson dwelling, Calexico collaborating Naïm Amor. Two of the tracks were produced in collaboration with Joey Burns and John Convertino (Calexico) whilst the other two were produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Eels, Sparklehorse).

Scaledown your Friday this Friday on Friday with Friday.

Please be informed that the 40th Scaledown Live Performance Event is due to occur this Friday, 22nd February, at the King & Queen in London's Glittery West End. Entertainment will be provided by the following persons/ensembles: The Bottle Brunettes - The Bottle Brunettes are a super(smashing,great)group formed by Poncho from Hicks Milligan-Prophecy with some of his favourite musicians. A "Soundclash Of The Titans" it seems....

Scaledown unfolding in 2008

Those members of The Orchestra Pit mailing list will no doubt be pleased to hear that the first Scaledown Live Performance Event of 2008 is very nearly upon us. It will occur this Friday (25th January), at the King & Queen in London’s glittering West End, from 7pm onwards, and will feature the following live entertainment (in no particular order): Hong Kong In The 60s - Taking their cue from old Oriental pop, classic AM radio and the baroque melancholy of groups like Blonde Redhead and Broadcast. The band play hypnotic lullabies through a filter of cheap keyboards and guitars.
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