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The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #89
(Friday the 31st May)

The merry month of May closes with a Scaledown show of splendour. We at the Scaledown workshop have assembled, once again, a fine confection of talented artists to tickle your music buds. They are as follow and in no particular order:


The Orchestra Pit



(Friday the 26th of April)

It's April and Scaledown is blooming. blooming what? well, you'll have to come along and decide for yourself, and why wouldn't you when we have this rather wonderful bill to spring on you:


The Orchestra Pit

The March hare of madness braves the wind on Friday 22nd March as he weaves through the fields to the King and Queen; up the rickety stairs he goes. He settles his furry behind on a welcoming seat, takes out a hot cross bun to eat, and enjoys a spot of scaledown which features, in no particular order:

The Reactor Core Is Splendid - ...he's bringing Splendid back, yes, Simon Williams aka TRIS has some unfinished business with Scaledown, and so we welcome him back once more, our arms are open, we trust your ears shall be too (and ideally two!).


The Orchestra Pit

As the days start to get a little bit longer, the month's get shorter, and so it is that the Scaledown hosts and their over-eager guests shall be articulating prematurely this coming Friday the 22nd of February. So what have we got for you? I'll tell ya...


The Orchestra Pit

Ladies and Gentlemen

The time has come to welcome 2013 with an air of positivity, and the air is blowing fair from the upstairs room at the King And Queen for, wafting around in the crevices, the wind of creativity blows in Scaledown form. And the air feeds the artists who are as follows and in no particular order...

Bad Moth - Fresh from their comeback tour of Sardinia in May 2012 (well quite fresh) Bad Moth will sing to us of rainbows, pies and bus stops with violin and accordion. Enjoy a flutter.

Steve Moyes - Steve Moyes will improvise with a rectangular cello, or a guitar shaped guitar, or whatever else he decides to bring along. It probably won't be pretty, but it might be.


The Orchestra Pit

Ladies and Gentlemen, December, being festive, has plucked the scaledown club from the smokey realms of November and dropped it on the 7th of the last month of the year. Situations dictate the tardiness of this missive. Suffice to say, we hope it plops on your email doorstep in time so that you can savour the musicianship contained within the last scaledown club of this year.

Those who will delight by performing (in no particular order):


The Orchestra Pit

As October brings with it rain and bluster, well buster, let's see what we can muster for you lovely Scaledown people with your big coats and scarves and bobbledy hats:

Pete Evans - Another from the 'welcome return' department, Mr Evans charmed you all with his acerbic wit and nifty picking in May this year. May he play again? He may.

Me and Deboe -Double acoustic guitar assault, Mercy Elise and Sarah Deboe play with ferocity and urgent rhythm. Come here. Come hear.


The Orchestra Pit

Okay kids, the summer's over, and it's back to school! The Scaledown boys and Jude Cowan are all sporting brand new uniforms and their collective shiny satchel includes a pencil case full of sharpened tunes which will be performed by a motley bunch of fruit toppers, as follows...

Joey Herzfeld - post-apoplectic musical doings from Joey, at long last promoting his Orchestra Pit Recordings album release 'Other People's Pain'. there will be a special Q&A with Joey after his performance where you will have the opportunity to harangue him at the bar and buy him a drink.


The Orchestra Pit

Ladies and Gentlemen. There is no distance too far, no hurdle too high, and let us reassure you... no nonsense from the likes of Stereophonics, Paulo Nutini, Snow Patrol or Duran Duran...

yes SCALEDOWN is going head to head with the Olympics opening ceremony, no need to bring yer flamin' torches-we are totally wired (or wire less as the case may be)!

Appearing, for your entertainment, and in no particular order:


The Orchestra Pit

The Orchestra Pit is proud to announce the latest scaledown event which will fall on Friday 29th June with a view to a 7.30pm commencement. Tonight we'll be giving you a Super 8 stella line up!

Those who will perform (in no particular order):

Gagarin - Gagarin is the solo project of Graham 'Dids' Dowdall who has been active in the outer reaches of the musical universe for many years working with , amongst others Nico, John Cale and Pere Ubu. As Gagarin he makes instrumental electronica - at times urban and beaty, at others atmospheric and melodic - always with a very personal experimental twist.

Skopje - Dark ethereal folk....tales for the depraved and departed....prepare to be entertained......sadistically.

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