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The Orchestra Pit

Scaledown shall be poking it's way into 2012 on the penultimate Friday of this month of January, that's the 20th, and it shall be at our usual venue - upstairs in The King & Queen public house at #1 Foley Street, London, W1W 6DL. proceedings shall commence @ 7pm, and thus far confirmed are: Hand Of Stabs, Raymond $hine, and Grassy Noel + Ape, with more sure to be confirmed shortly.....keep abreast of such matters at


The Orchestra Pit

Ladies and Gentlemen of The Orchestra Pit and Scaledown interests...

November brings again to a close another Scaledown year and, to celebrate this and the forthcoming darker hours, please attend with happy hearts and willing ears at the King & Queen (1 Foley Street, W1W 6DL) this coming Friday (25th November). The line up will not disappoint:

Bob Constant & The Goodbye Horses - A bruised and batty form of soul music lurks beneath the 'motor town condensed into a garage' sound of this charmingly askew 3 piece.

Don Tempi - Don Tempi is half Welsh, half Italian and plays music from adverts that were in circulation in July 1981. He is the saviour of the Jingle.


The Orchestra Pit

The penultimate Scaledown of 2011 has been blessed with this small but beautifully formed selection of artists for your aural enjoyment:

Matt Scott - Matt shall be presenting for your edification 'Squeezebox Jukebox' - a solo performance with recorded sounds accompaniment and live accordion.

Trombone Poetry - Mr Paul Taylor graces the boards of scaledown once again with his inimitable blend of blowing and rhyming.


The Orchestra Pit

Ladies and Gents.

It is with a big sloppy happy heart that The Orchestra Pit announces the return of Scaledown at The King and Queen, 1, Foley Street, Fitzrovia, London W1 this Friday 30th September.

Those who will perform for you (in no particular order):

Fat Klez - Fresh from a summer of festival appearances performing as house band for Mark Thomas and his Extreme Rambling show, Fat Klez swap swampy mud for the sticky carpet of the K&Q, as Scaledown welcomes back one of its favourite sons, the delightful Mr Martin White.

Katharine Blake - The head of The Mediaeval Baebes pays a return visit to our humble space to mesmerise us with her beautifully haunting vocal magic.


The Orchestra Pit

As the sun banishes the rain clouds to their rightful hibernation it behoves us here at The Orchestra Pit to remind you that the usual Scaledown Summer Hiatus has started earlier this year insofar as there will be no Scaledown in either July or August. Please do not fret, we will return refreshed and reinvigorated in September with the aim of delighting you all further with the musical confections we lay before you.

If you find this suspension of Scaledown acivity too much to bear may we suggest you visit our web shop wherein you may find enough succor to sustain you through the long summer months.

The Orchestra Pit is sustained by your continuing support.


The Orchestra Pit

Scaledown descends into our lives once more like a sun that shines from within us so grab your capes and come join us at the King & Queen on Friday 24th for seven sunny treats, listed as follows:

Richard Sanderson - Former co-host of Scaledown and regular character on the free improv scene, Richard will be performing some exceedingly atmospheric drone improvisations on melodeon.

Justin Paton - Mr Paton cannot keep away from us - only last month he was airing material at scaledown with the wonderful mesmerising NOW. This month he goes all electronica on us. Enjoy.


The Orchestra Pit

It is that time of month once more, that time of month where we gather in a small room and rejoce at the musical confections placed in front of us, a veritable smorgasboard of earthly delights. This joyous event occurs this coming Friday (27th) at the King & Queen in fateful Fitzrovia from seven thirty of the clock. Those who are to perform are listed thusly:

Now - Neo pop ensemble Now scale down to an electric four piece who promise to delight and enthrall.

Piper's Son - Thom Driver last performed at Scaledown back in March 2010 as a dubiously mustachioed member of Arthur Brick, but returns this month with bare-lipped charm in the guise of Piper's Son to lead us all a merry dance.


The Orchestra Pit

A joyous howl goes aloft in the Orchestra Pit household as the realisation of the onslaught of the latest in the ongoing series of Live Performance Events know as Scaledown dawns upon it's occupants, if said occupants wore hats they would be sailing through the air describing graceful parabolas. This joyous event occurs this coming Friday (25th) at the King & Queen in colourful Fitzrovia from seven thirty of the clock. In a departure from protocol we will herein include details of just four of the acts such that the others are surprise-like in nature, those performing can be thusly described:


The Orchestra Pit

A mere month on from the last time it is once more time for the unalloyed joy that is Scaledown. Our elves and pixies have been slaving away over a hot internet to bring you yet another thrilling line up of musical delights. Without any further a do they shall now be listed (in no particular order that we are aware of):

Mark Pilkington & Richard Sanderson - A improvising duo of unusual timbres with "Strange Attractor" mainman Mark Pilkington producing esoteric tones on the synthesiser while folk electronicist Richard Sanderson works with the earthier sounds of the melodeon (diatonic button accordion) and amplification...


The Orchestra Pit

Scaledown rouses itself from it's winter slumber and squints at the too bright light, "Is it January yet?" it asks. Once an affirmative answer is gained from a mysterious stranger it leaps out of bed and heads unsteadily for the bathroom, the sound of running water is heard as it starts in on it's lengthy ablutions.

Eventually Scaledown Sixty Seven sallies forth in a sly burst of sartorially suitable alliteration, occuring as it will on Friday 28th January at the King & Queen in London's elaborate Fitzrovia. A list now follows of the acts fated to perform:

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