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The Orchestra Pit


The Orchestra Pit

As the winter nights start to draw in and the spectre of small children seeking rewards for ringing your doorbell looms large on the crepuscular horizon Scaledown once more jumps out with a sheet on it's head to shout Boo ineffectually. Now that we have your attention let us inform you of the musical delights we have laying in wait to brighten up your friday night:

The Hamilton Yarns - Having tried (and failed) to suitably describe the myriad wonder that is Hamilton Yarns I fear I must fall back on the words of another: "There's a fishing port somewhere missing a cabaret act that melds together the broken mind of the Smile-era Brian Wilson with the broken hearted homilies of Ivor Cutler. That missing act is Hamilton Yarns" - Nick Southgate, The Wire.


The Orchestra Pit

Mr Ron Jetson would like to invite you out for the evening. He’s a sly old dog, especially when he’s got his teeth in, but rest assured he’ll have enough handlers around to ensure he’s on best behavior... on a good night with his musical chums he can provide the aural equivalent of having one’s leg humped... but no one’s guaranteeing a good night let us assure you.

The reason for the gathering of this muttley crew? Why, it’s to celebrate the release of Ron’s debut album for The Orchestra Pit Recording Co. entitled ‘The Return Of The Sleeping Policemen’ – a most inventive album, at times jazzy of lean, at heart a pop symphony, at home with the left field, at ease with the mainstream of pop consciousness we often shun, but deep down cherish. for more on Ron click on


The Orchestra Pit

We are very proud to be hosting the launch night for the new album by Vic Godard and Subway Sect. "We Come As Aliens" is released on Overground Records on October 11th - his first with this current Subway Sect incarnation containing Kevin Younger, Gairy Ainge and Mark Braby. Vic has proved to be one of the most durable and inventive artists to emerge from the original 1976 punk scene continually pushing and blurring boundaries with his mix of northern soul, swing and punk rock spirit. Raise yer Tetleys for a true original.


The Orchestra Pit

Following our customary Summer hiatus we are sure you will all be pleased to hear that Scaledown returns to the end of your month once more with what can only be described as aplomb. it will occur in the usual locale (the King & Queen) at the usual time (7.30pm onwards) on the usual day (the last Friday of the month) which on this occasion happens to be Friday the 24th September. There now follows a list of those performing at the sixty fourth Scaledown (in no particular order):

Hugh Metcalfe - The enigmatic Mr Metcalfe shall make his scaledown debut this month. We are unsure what the multi instrumentalist and expert improviser plans to do as Mr Metcalfe does not have an email address and scaledown co host Mark Braby cannot find his telephonic details. Wait and see....


The Orchestra Pit

The Orchestra Pit feels a burning within. Indigestion? Or is it a desire to share the latest hot news with you?

It is the latter.



The Orchestra Pit

As the summer draws inexorably on Scaledown continues to bring you a quality selection of musical acts to both entice and amuse you. So pop along to the King & Queen next Friday (30th July) at about 7.30pm, pay nothing to enter, sit down and enjoy the following:

Roshi - Roshi Nasehi will be joined by her Pars radio partner Graham 'Dids' Dowdall to beguile us with beautiful melodies from her fantastically recveived 2009 album 'The Sky And The Caspian Sea' as well as hopefully a taster of their forthcoming EP of Iranian songs.


The Orchestra Pit

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Orchestra Pit Recording Company is chuffed to present to you their latest offering which is entitled 'Reduced' by Mike Adcock and Sylvia Hallett. Two renowned artists on the free improvisational circuit, Mike and Sylvia have collaborated to provide you with an album of improvisational beauty; complex and simplistic at the same time. The music ranges from the exploration of sound textures drawn from a variety of non-musical objects (bicycle wheel, marble chute), to tonal pieces utilizing more conventional instruments such as violin, piano accordion and guitar.


The Orchestra Pit

June's Scaledown features a hand picked selection of the finiest music to be experienced this side of Glastonbury. This month we have five acts to delight and entrall you:

Arch Garrison - There is a house by a river by a village by the South Wiltshire Downs in which North Sea Radio Orchestra's Craig and Sharron Fortnam create music against the backdrop of all manner of flora and fauna. The result is the divine album 'King of the Down' which features songs about the Mighty Thames, Roman roads, ditches and mounds and vapour trails. "A slice of lo-fi pop loveliness", not to be missed.

The Orchestra Pit Club Quarterly - New Release and New Venue

The Orchestra Pit

The Orchestra Pit Club is back this Wednesday, 16th June at a new venue "Peter Parker's" to begin a series of regular clubs every 3 months, imaginatively titled "Club Quarterly". The first event cleverly coincides with a celebration of the July release of the latest Orchestra Pit Recording Label CD offering: "Reduced" by Mike Adcock and Sylvia Hallett. The evening will feature the following musical acts:

Sylvia Hallett and Mike Adcock

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