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The Orchestra Pit

As the year two thousand and nine draw to a close we have news of two exciting Orchestra Pit live musical events to inform you of.

Firstly we have the latest in the long line of Scaledown Live Performance Events which is to occur this Friday, 27th November, at the King & Queen in London's effulgent Fitzrovia. Performing, for your entertainment, will be (in no particular order): Timothy C Holehouse, Paul Jonathan Riley, Lost Robots, Richard Sanderson/Paul May, Belle Atmos and Dan Whaley with His Ukulele. Full details can be found on our website.

Sartorial Scaledown

The Orchestra Pit

Greetings Orchestra Pit and Scaledown mailing list subscribers, we would just like to take a small chunk of your time to inform you of the latest in the line of Scaledown Live Performance Events. It is due to occur this coming Friday (30th October) at the King & Queen (1 Foley Street, W1W 6DL) from 7pm and, as usual, entrance is free.

New Release - Naïm Amor 7" Gatefold EP

Naïm’s second release for The Orchestra Pit Recording Co. comes in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve and once again features recordings from his 2 albums made with Calexico’s Joey Burns & John Convertino and PJ Harvey cohort John Parish (‘Sanguine’ and ‘Mistake Love’ respectively).

Disc one features the lead track “Precious Second”, a reflective autumnal shuffle, combining Naïm’s gallic suave with that bone dry Tucson backbeat to create an elegantly simple 3 minute pop song; whilst flip-side “Woman, Who’s A Woman”, with lyrics penned by Marianne Dissard, is a languid rocker à la Velvet Underground, replete with a great Keith Moon style drum break from former Calexico member Tasha Bundy. The bonus disc offers up one of the highlights from Naïm’s series of ‘Soundtracks’ albums, now on it’s third volume, the track “Stuck (instr.)” originally featured on Volume II which was put out through Howe Gelb’s OwOm label; and finally we have Naïm’s take on the Kermit classic “(it's not easy) Bein’ Green”, ubiquitous though it may well be of late, Naïm takes the song back to it’s he says “I’m French…don’t worry”.


Whilst Scaledown itself takes a little breather during August, it only seems apt that it should pay a visit to the good people of New York City via Kurt Gottschalk/The Brother Lucy Show's WFMU podcast.

WFMU is an independent freeform radio station broadcasting at 91.1 fm in the New York City area, at 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley, and live on the web at; and at some point on Thursday the 13th of August people can go to and stream the Country Dad set recorded live at Scaledown from the 30th of May 2008, or they can also subscribe to Kurt's podcast via and have it delivered to your itunes player, it's called "the brother lucy podshow".

Support independent radio, support independent music, support the band and the label and come purchase their single 'Over & Over' via

The Orchestra Pit wishes you summer sunniness.

Symphonic Mayhem - Take 2

Greetings Orchestra Pit mailing list subscribees.

We've been experiencing problems with our mailing list which should now have been cleared up. So, just to ensure everyone knows about Saturday's exciting gig, we are re-sending this email - which some of you may already have received. If that is the case then apologies for the duplication, normal service should now be resumed.

The Orchestra Pit thanks you for your patience during this difficult time.


The Orchestra Pit, in association with V '68 presents:

SYMPHONIC MAYHEM HITS LONDON......AT THE LUMINAIRE - Saturday 8th August from 7.30pm [tickets: £5 adv./£7 on the door]

They don't have institutional support. They don't receive grants. They aren't community projects. These are rock bands. Very, very large rock bands.

Symphonic Mayhem

The Orchestra Pit, in association with V '68 presents:

SYMPHONIC MAYHEM HITS LONDON......AT THE LUMINAIRE - Saturday 8th August from 7.30pm [tickets: £5 adv./£7 on the door]

They don't have institutional support. They don't receive grants. They aren't community projects. These are rock bands. Very, very large rock bands.

In New York City, audiences are buzzing for THIS AMBITIOUS ORCHESTRA, the 20-member symphonic rock band from Brooklyn, who are rejecting the shackles of their conservatory training to create a new brand rock music. Their talent has already been tapped by TV On the Radio, The Dresden Dolls, Rasputina and others. "Led by local artistic risk-taker Benjamin Ickies, This Ambitious Orchestra aims to inject rock sensibility into classical music (or is it the other way around?). The result is a herky-jerky showtune soundscape that makes us want to skip and smile." – Time Out New York

May Morchestra Mit

The twenty fifth in the line of Orchestra Pit Live Musical Concerts is due to occur on Wednesday the 20th May at the Arts Theatre Club in London’s throbbing Soho.

Appearing live, for your entertainment, will be:

Led Bib - Dangerous gritty jazz punk fusion -

Nought - Hardcore progressive math instrumental combo -

Twelve's Trio - Blistering free jazz with elements of Coltrane and Mingus -

This is all due to commence from 7.30pm at 50 Frith Street, W1D 4SQ. The entrance cost is £6 on the door or £4 in advance, via our web shop:

Also please note that the next Scaledown Live Performance Event will occur on Friday 29th May at the King & Queen in London’s glittering Fitzrovia. Full details will emerge when the time is right.

April Augurs Ample Acts

Greetings Orchestra Pit and Scaledown list subscribees, it is once more that time of month when we take a brief moment of your time to inform you of the latest impending Scaledown Live Performance Event.

In a break from the established protocol April’s Scaledown will not be occurring on the last Friday of the month but rather the penultimate Friday of the month (i.e. Friday 17th April). It does however occur at the usual location (upstairs at the King & Queen) at the usual time (7.30pm onwards) with the usual presenters (Messrs Braby, Coules and Hendry).

Appearing for your entertainment will be the following:

Now - Now peddle a particularly quirky brand of pop music peppered with Cellos and antique synthesisers. Their last performance at Scaledown was an electrifyingly intimate a cappella one so we look forward to seeing what they get up to this time round.

Verse Chorus Verse - VCV is the latest incarnation built to propel Julian Simons ethereal song writing. Normally they perform as a power trio with a post rock, rifftastic sound so it will be interesting to see how they scale down.

The Orchestra Pit presents...

The Orchestra Pit would just like to appropriate a moment of your time to remind you of the latest in the line of our Live Musical Concerts. This is due to occur at the Arts Theatre Club, in leafy Soho, on Friday 6th March from 7.30pm.

Appearing for your entertainment will be:

Blurt - Ted Milton spits poetry and squawks his saxophone over primal groove built on minimal instrumentation.

Lost Robots - An avant rock band who fuse exciting compact structures with free improvisation and abstract sound.

Dear Thief - Delightfully quirky and skewed guitar pop played with aplomb by a tight trio.

The Arts Theatre Club
50 Frith Street
7.30 - 11pm

Full details, including a colourful map, can be found here:

Advanced tickets can be purchased from our web shop ( for a mere £4.

The Orchestra Pit thanks you for your continuing support.

Scaledown brought to you by The Orchestra Pit

The Orchestra Pit has been a busy bee in 2009, no sooner have we drawn breath after the triumphant album launch gig by those Lost Robots when Scaledown once more rears it’s attractive head, at the tail end of this week.

Appearing at the King & Queen on Friday 27th from 7.30pm will be:

Triptik - Formed out of the London Improvisers Orchestra Triptik comprises a varying line-up of experimental musicians. This performance will feature Adrian Northover on saxophone, Catherine Pluygers on Oboe and Eugene Martynex on Laptop.

2SquareWhy? - Masonic corporate rock of a variety that your deceased great aunt's best friend could enjoy. Carefully crafted to leave the smallest of boot prints in the listening mind, 2SquareWhy? will take you forward, back to the things you thought you'd left behind.

Gareth Mitchell - Last played at Scaledown in August 2007, Mr Mitchell returns to perform more experimental takes on his songs using effects and loops.

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