The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

April 2006

Thursday 13th April 2006

Bert Shaft Orchestra - Messrs Bones (voice) and Elwell (guitar/casio) bring their suitably askew view of the world to the stage in the form of the Bert Shaft Orchestra, who's songs often evoke life in or around Peckham. Their anthem is a song called "Boat to Lewisham" - a tale of being bored with living the good life on a tropical island and deciding to pack it all in to work at the dole office in Debtford.

Spinmaster Plantpot - Spinmaster Plantpot is an a capella, punky, 21st century ranter who delights in straddling the poetry / comedy / music divide. His 30 second songs - bouts of pure primeval energy and his ten, or sometimes fifteen minute sets have become legendary on the London indie circuit.

The Devil - An amalgam of many bands, The Devil bring you James Sedwards (Nought) on guitar and bass, Ben Wallers (Country Teasers) on guitar, synth, bass and vocals, and, on the drums, Sophie Politowicz (Wet dog). Their repertoire will be 'song based'.

Blurt - Ted Milton's demonic sax lead outfit return to promote the launch of their latest album.