The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

September 2008

Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats
Single Launch Party

26th September 2008

An Orchestra Pit Recording Company night to promote the release of the new 7" single by Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats featuring a unique version of the classic nursery rhyme "Three Blind Mice" b/w "Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark".


Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats

Dear Thief


McDeath Trio

And here's a video excerpt from The McDeath Trio's performance:

Terry Edwards Single Launch

Oh yes, it's tonight, it's gonna be good.


Dear Boys,

so how'd the show go last night? was hoping to fly over but Henry Mini Cooper tells me you've had some heavy snow falls just come in and it wasn't safe to drive to the airport. London really seems to be suffering more than most from this global warming, so in the circumstances you're doing a great job boys. However, hopefully my business associate Lord Byron Of Chelsea was able to make it along. If he did, i hoped he behaved himself, i know he can be a bit of a livewire when the mood takes.

your friend and mentor, Mr Bob Winestain.

Dear Mr Winestain

i think it's pretty safe to say that Lord Byron of Chelsea had a ball.....and he swung it throughout the evening! you missed a great show, every act a worthy headliner in my opinion, hope to see them all come back in the future. not too sure what Henry meant about it snowing, is another glorious day as i look outside, perhaps he just sensed it, he has a nose for these sort of things.